The PHP framework

Welcome to the official website of Setrill, a web framework build in PHP & JavaScript.

Powerful and Opensource.

  • ★ 100% Modular

    Create your own app modules and use them in all your projects. Keep control of their versions and create upgrade procedures to migrate your existing data.

  • ★ Optimized for the end point

    Every bit is important. Load only the strict and necessary JavaScript and CSS code in every page load.

  • ★ Use the power of JavaScript

    Talk with the framework core using JavaScript constructed queries and control your application behaviour.

  • ★ Trigger everything

    Includes a complete trigger engine

  • ★ Open Source

    Free. Gratuït. By the hat. That's it!

  • ★ ...and much more

    A complete file manager, a fully customizable template engine, php session handlers, actions, events,...